Welcome to Oxomu - season 17 - special edition


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On top of our stable upgraded & patched full season17 episode2 mu server, we've added extra new customs sets, new weapons, more wings to craft in-game, and loads of exciting new features to explore!

Some global server info:
- Full season 17 episode 2 - customized special sockets -
- 9999x normal exp, 99.999x master exp (fast leveling )
- Awesome bosses & events rewards, Wcoins, Ruud, and more!
- All skills at NPC
- FREE wcoins for every minute that you are online:love::eek:tt:
- All players starts with helpers zen
- Much and much more custom features to explore for yourself xD
- Fully upgraded season 17 Episode 2 muserver (you can check all bugfixes on our website)
- Fully balanced PVM system, skills & chars are +- equal in DPS on killing mobs
- Enhanced PVP system, all class should be able to PVP each other. Better sets are tougher PVP experience
- Server location: US

The grand opening: FRIDAY 4 MARCH 2022
Our website to join :)


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testing phase :)


Start the exploration at FRIDAY 4 MARCH 2022