Our special & unique muonline features


Staff member
All of our muonline servers will have some unique features, this way we stand out and keep mu online a lot more interesting to play.
We proudly present to you:

1. Export account feature, from time to time a server won't grow anymore, players just get bored and the mu online server will be left behind. With a low count of muonline players we cannot keep a server open so to solve this problem we have built an export account feature, so all your items, donations, and time spend will be saved and playable on our next new upgraded server.

2. Custom items, maps, bosses, events, and gameplay, since there are a lot of mu online servers out there, all servers are getting the same therefore we provide unique new maps, bosses, and extra items to upgrade to our muonline servers.

We keep on improving, upgrading our servers where possible and with this community we can keep decide what's to do to make mu online interesting for a lifetime!

Have fun on our premium mu online servers!