Some notes:
  • Boss zone coordinate: (113, 109)
  • Required item: Spirit Nixie's Shard can be purchased from NPC Priest Jame. All members of Party also need it.​
  • Character's cannot enter the boss zone if:
    • Other characters are already in the boss zone.
    • Nix has not yet respawned.
    • You are Solo player.
  • If a character dies while fighting with a Party, the character cannot re-enter the boss zone until the battle ends.
  • If there are no characters within attack range, Nix immediately starts to recover HP every second.
  • If all characters are killed, the boss zone entrance reopens and Nix fully recovers HP.
  • If Nix is killed, it will respawn after about 24 hours.
  • After Nix is killed, character are automatically removed from the boss zone after 5 minutes.
  • On death, Nix drops items per character in the boss zone (more players, more items).
Skills & Abilities
Skill name
Energy Ball
Deals AOE damage, and has a high chance to decrease DMG and DEF for 30 seconds.​
Ice Rain
Deals AOE damage, and has a small chance to cause Freeze debuff for 30 seconds.​
Ice Breath
Deals AOE damage, and decreases movement speed for 60 seconds.​
Ice Boom
Used after Ice Breath, it causes AOE damage. 2 second cast time.​
Knowledge Absorbtion
Used when HP is significantly low. Nix becomes invincible for 3 minutes, and creates 2 Barrier Stones nearby. Nix will uses Ice Rain skill for 3 minutes. If the Barrier Stones are not destroyed within 3 minutes, Nix summons x20 monsters. *Barrier Stones only take ELE DMG.​
Devil Eyes
Used right before Nix's HP reaches 0. A magic circle is generated at a random location. After 10 seconds, all areas outside the magic circle will have black ice rain pouring down from above. If a character is outside of the magic circle, the character will die instantly.​

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