Muonline Arca war event - Guild


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Muonline Arca war is a guild event.
Arca war is a massive muonline guild event, where 6 guilds can join with each up to 20 members. The event takes place in the map acheron and the guilds that dominate the obelisks which appeared in the map wins the mu online event.

1. Obelisks

  • Obelisks and muonline guardians appear on Acheron when the event starts.
2. Obelisk’s Guardian
  • Guardians are 10 monsters that will appear close to the mu online Obelisks
  • After death they’ll be respawn 10 minutes later
3. Obelisks Type
  • Each Obelisk has you own mu online element (Darkness, wind, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Obelisk’s elements will be generated randomly
4. Protector barrel
  • To defeat the Obelisks, it will be necessary to disable the protection of the barrels
  • Three barrels will be there nearly to each muonline Obelisk, to defeat them guild members must stay inside the barrels for some time.
5. Dominating the Obelisk
  • Taking out the three barrels at the same time to disable the mu online obelisk’s shield
  • The guilds who dominate and stay with the mu online Obelisk in the end will be the winners!

Where to register for mu online arca war:
Guildmasters have to register by the NPC “Sir Lesnar” at Lorencia 114,132 – Noria 183,126 – Devias 240,53

requirements to join arca war:

  • To register on Arca War, it’s necessary to register more than 10 Sign of Lords.
  • At least 4 members must be registered and 20 members is the maximum of participants per guild.
  • As a member, you also have to register your participation on the vent at the NPC “Sir Lesnar”.
  • Just 6 guilds can participate of the event.
  • After the Guild Master accomplishes registration, the members must register shortly thereafter.
  • Members will have 30 minutes to register after their Guild Master.
  • If the number on members of a registered guild be less than 10, they will be disqualified of the event.

Mu online Arca war rewards:
On each monster or player kill you will receive a trophy, the trophies you can exchange at NPC sir lesnar
- this trophy you can use to get new custom jewels
- 100 trophy exchanges for a red, blue, orange jewel