Lord Silvester


Map located: Uruk Mountain
  • The portal for entering the zone Uruk Mountain is located in the safe zone of Acheron coordinates (66, 221).​
  • When dying inside the area of Uruk Mountain you will be reborn inside the safe zone of Acheron.​
  • Portals
    • (Uruk Mountain) is located in the mountains and for faster hunting 2 portals have been added for faster movement within this area.
    • The 2 Portals (Red / Blue) are separate and each portal has its own connection point within the map.
Field A​
Field B​
Red Portal
(41, 98)​
(109, 230)​
Blue Potal
(42, 80)​
(215, 34)​

  • Entrance Block
    • The 6 entrances will be blocked if any character is near Lord Silvester
    • If there is no character near Lord Silvester for 60 seconds the entrances will be open and Lord Silverster will have recovered all his HP.
    • Blocking items do not deal any damage.
Lord Silvester:
  • Normal Attack: Chance to activate Stun.​
  • Twister: Deals damages and pushes the characters around him.​
  • Course of wind: Damage 20% HP and will push the character a certain distance.​
  • Call of Wind: When Boss reaches 70%, 50% and 20% HP respectively summon three "Lord" monsters (To continue killing the BOSS it is mandatory to kill the 3 summoned monsters)​
  • Recover (standby): If don't have any character around the BOSS, he will recover 20000 HP/s.​
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