How to report bugs?


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The best way to make a mu online bugreport is to include screenshots and/or video's.
In muonline there are over 10.000 parameters so we must have enough information to solve a bug.

The more information we have the faster we can check the issue, and solve the issue.

So here is a format:
1. Description of the error:
2. Where did it happen?
3. How to reproduce the error?
4. Add screenshots and or video's.

Regarding PVP issue's, make sure you send a screenshot of your gear.
- It often happen your gear is not right against the opponent set builds.
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1. Had little over 500,000 GP on OXO server to buy VIP and it is gone. I didn't use it so ???
2. In Oxo server Pvp server 1
3. Don't know how to reproduce it.
What is with the strange things in server on my account logs it shows buying GP and I hadn't used all ingame so this is crazy. I had a total of like 530,000 GP last night and it is gone. Not cheap to donate just to use for VIP. How can you give this back if you do at all ?


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if you buy vip, then it's still in the x-shop (left menu right under) just press it to use it :)


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Hello, i have a bug in my personal Shop on my BK char named Abadon. I cant withdraw items from my store , only a few of them... some dont work. So on i cant even see the items, only the name and the wcoins iv set on each item. Iv set the store ON and people can see my items.I wanted to create another account and buy them from me.. but now im here maybe you guys can help me. Thanks!