Global mu online season 17 - the latest season that will be ever released?


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The global mu online developers and game publishers have announced that MuOnline season 17 will be the last mu online season for the classic MMORPG MU Online.

Lemuria and Kundun Memphis (white wizard), will be the last ever released muonline classes.

Kundun MephisLemuria
lm8VkbU.png KEuR2A7.png
1st Class: Kundun Mephis
2nd Class: Light Master
3rd Class: Sign Wizard
Ability - White Mage
Set Party: Lemuria, Blade Knight
Weapon: Staff
Main stat: Energy
1st Class: Lemuria
2nd Classe: War Mage
3rd Classe: Archmage
Ability - Dark Mage
Set Party: Kundun Mephis, Blade Knight
Weapon: Orb
Main stat: Energy

Not sure if the development completely stops, but will this be the end of official mu online?