[Basic] Main quest (4th class)


This quest is accessible to every character, if they have the 3rd class quest completed.

The first quest

Requirements for this quest:
  • Regular level 400
  • Master level 400
Talk to NPC Cent (Lorencia, 132,147).

After talking to her, she will send you to a special arena, where the quest will take place. In the first part, you will have to fight with the Cent herself.

The second quest​

In the second part you will have to fight against monsters from deep dungeon for 5 minutes while killing these monsters during the time:
  • 5 Deep Dungeon Skeleton Warrior
  • 5 Deep Dungeon Larva
  • 5 Deep Dungeon Cyclops

The third quest​

In the last part you will have to fight Cent again, but this time she will have help from even more Deep Dungeon monsters.After you have defeated everyone, Cent will reward you with a new class, also you will obtain in your Gremory case a Scroll of Oblivion which is used to re-allocate points in the new skill tree enchantment.

4th class:
Basic Class
2nd Class
3rd Class
4th Class
Dark Knight​
Blade Knight​
Blade Master​
Dragon Knight​
Dark Wizard​
Soul Master​
Grand Maste​
Soul Wizard​
Muse Elf​
High Elf​
Noble Elf​
Magic Gladiator​
Dual Master​
Magic Knight​
Dark Lord​
Lord Emperor​
Empire Lord​
Bloody Summoner​
Dimension Master​
Dimension Summoner​
Rage Fighter​
Fist Master​
Fist Blazer​
Grow Lancer​
Mirage Lancer​
Shining Lancer​
Rune Wizard​
Rune Spell Master​
Grand Rune Master​
Majestic Rune Wizard​
Royal Slayer​
Master Slayer​
Gun Crasher​
Gun Breaker​
Master Gun Breaker​
Highest Gun Breaker​
White Mage​
Light Master​
Shine Wizard​
Luminous Wizard​
Lemuria Mage​
Mystic Mage​

The 4th class unlocks these abilities:
  • To equip level 4th wings.
  • Skill tree enchantment (shortcut: Ctrl A).
  • To learn new and stronger skills and to wear better and stronger gear.
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Hi, how i level up the Master level?
I didnt find any guise of that.
Tnx :D

just level up at higher maps, at low level maps you won't get any xp.

For faster XP use use a panda pet + panda ring, aswell bless of light buffs :)