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    Muonline Skill Drops

    Swordsman's Wrath = Sword's Fury Swell life is one of Orb of Impale I think
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    [SS18-3] New Equipment "Artifacts"

    Basic information Artifacts are new items that can be equipped (Level 800+) on inventory: There is a dedicated slot for mounting the Artifacts, by mounting the Artifacts in the slot, you can activate the options of the Artifacts. Artifacts are like puzzle pieces with hexagonal shapes...
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    Core Magriffy (Nars Boss)

    Map Information: Nars You can enter Nars from the Archeron Safezone (90,182). Boss entrance: Nars (179, 148) Following this picture: Boss monster: Core Magriffy Respawn time is 24h after being killed. When respawn, Boss have random type of Element (Wind, Darkness, Earth, Water, Fire)...
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    Oh sure, this is a Original boss and only 700 level. Many custom servers didnt care much about this boss, hope Admin will add more rewards.
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    Lord Silvester

    Map located: Uruk Mountain The portal for entering the zone Uruk Mountain is located in the safe zone of Acheron coordinates (66, 221). When dying inside the area of Uruk Mountain you will be reborn inside the safe zone of Acheron. Portals (Uruk Mountain) is located in the mountains and for...
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    Some notes: Boss zone coordinate: (113, 109) Required item: Spirit Nixie's Shard can be purchased from NPC Priest Jame. All members of Party also need it. Character's cannot enter the boss zone if: Other characters are already in the boss zone. Nix has not yet respawned. You are Solo...
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    Selupan (Raklion Hatchery Event)

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    Icewind Valley Siege

    Conquer the Throne at Devias 3 is the main object of this Event. To joining, Guild Master must type /regicewind and required: A Guild. On PvP server. Captured the Throne by Guild Master until the end of time. More details: When this Event is triggered, will have notification. When Guild...
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    Creating Lapidary stone (Three Vacancies)

    Three Vacancies are used to upgrade Mastery Earring. To make it, put a couple of Excellent Pendant or Ring to Chaos Goblin machine: More information: Accessory Material (up to 16 couples) Quantity of Three Vacancies Any Excellent Pendant x2 3 Any Excellent Ring x2 2 Following this...
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    [Basic] How to level up Set/Weapon/Wings ?

    How an Item look? Level up Item +0~9 Use the Jewel of Blesson your item: One Jewel of Bless is consumed to the each +1 level. This can be used until +6 Use the Jewel of Soul on your item, it has 50% success rate but add 25% if Item have Luck. When it is succeeded: one Jewel of Soul is...
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    Creating Blessed Divine weapon of Archangel (BAA)

    Step 1: Creating Archangel's Hammer Item required Jewel required Success Rate Result Steel of Heaven x10 Jewel of Bless x10 Jewel of Soul x10 Jewel of Chaos Jewel of Creation Jewel of Guardian 100% Archangel's Hammer You can hunt Steel of Heaven from Kundun Boss while one of...
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    How it works STEP 1. Get empty socket items. Monsters from Raklion STEP 2. Create a seed through NPC Seed Master at Elbeland. Items Details Quantity Excellent Item <+4 or above> 1 Set Item <+4 or above> 1 Jewel of Harmony 1 Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of Creation 1 Zen...
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    Mysterious Stone

    Mysterious Stone randomly change the current option of Mastery Item. It can be put in storage, exchaged, sold in NPC shop. How to use: Drag and drop Misterious Stone on the item you wish to change the option. Mastery Set Options Mastery additional options Increases All Stats +7 Increases...
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    Creating Feather

    Creating a Condor Feather To get a Condor Feather you have to make a chaos combination with the Chaos Goblin. Requirement: 2nd Lvl Wings+9+option (or more) Jewel of Creation Jewel of Chaos Jewel of Soul x10 Ancient Item+7+option (or more) The Success Rate is 60% and if the combination fails...
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    4th level Wings and how to make it

    Creating your new Wings To create you will need Garuda's Flame, it dropped in Deep Dungeon 2-5 and Swamp of Darkness. And Golden Crests/Sentence Requirement: Garuda's Feather Garuda's Flame Golden Crests/Sentence x50 Jewel of Bless x30 Jewel of Soul x30 Jewel of Creation x30 Jewel of Chaos x30...
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    3rd level Wings and how to make it

    Creating your new Wings The last stage is to finally get the wings. Requirement: Condor Feather Condor Flame Jewel of Bless x30 Jewel of Soul x30 Jewel of Creation x30 Jewel of Chaos x30 Medium Magic Stone (min: 1) Zen 1,000,000 ~ 8,000,000 Note: Condor Flame drop in Barrack The success rate...
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    2nd level Wings and how to make it

    Requirement: 1st Level Wings Loch's Feather or Crest of Monarch Jewel of Chaos Medium Magic Stone (optional) Zen 5,000,000 This time if you want to increase your success chance you cannot use normal upgraded items. Instead, you need Excellent Upgraded items to get a better chance of making...
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    1st level Wings and how to make it

    Creating Chaos Item Requirement: Any items +4 (or more) with option +4 (or more) Jewel of Chaos The more upgraded items you put in the machine, the bigger the chance of success. A successful combination produces: Chaos Dragon Axe Chaos Nature Bow Chaos Lightning Staff Notice: If your...
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    [Basic] Hotkey ingame

    All Howkey that you can use (on empty ground) Move to that location (on NPC) Speak to NPC (on monster) Start attacking monster using weapon/fists (on item) Move to the item and attempt to take it (on monster) Attack the monster using skill/magic from the magic list (some...
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    [Basic] All about Jewels

    Let's learn about Jewels and their use in the game (season 17). Jewel of Chaos One of the basic jewels in the game. Is used for basically all combinations in the chaos machine Jewel of Bless Increases an items level by 1 with a success rate of 100% Can be used up to +6 Jewel of Dark...