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    When you release S18 x99999 ?

    Muonline season 18 is already there on all of our mu servers
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    Muonline pentagrams & errtels - mu online season 18 - weakness & strengths

    Mu online season 18 - elemental damage & defence overview Elements affect each other's DMG/DEF by up to 20%. Overview of all elemental damage: So you can see Fire is effective against Wind (110% damage) and Darkness (120% damage) and vs people who don't have a pentagram (none = 120%). Water...
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    VIP7 buffs

    More powers, hp defense the higher the vip level the more % you will get
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    Mu online season 18 - New character Illusion Knight

    NEW CHARACTER ILLUSION KNIGHT JACKGUARD ILLUSION KNIGHT: JACKGUARD The Illusion Knight Is an agility-oriented character who uses one-handed swords as his main weapon. ILLUSION KNIGHT JACKGUARD USES EQUIPMENT BACKGROUND STORY Born as an alter ego of Kundun, Jacquard, who was good at...
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    how to use ?

    it drops as a scroll :)
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    Stat from reset.

    It's only a visual issue, you can assign all the missing stats by typing /addstr or the other stats commands :)
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    Avomu: upgrade items with custom jewels

    Orange knight has 3 full ancient parts only. Armor - pants - boots. These parts will active all ancient options. This orange set, can be equipped by all classes and therefor helm and gloves won't have ancient options. ( RF and MG don't have helm or gloves) You can either use the gloves to...
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    To level up after 800, you will need todo the 4th quest first. Once completed level up at higher maps like deep dungon or darkness.
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    AvoMu After GR

    yea offcourse, since you had 25 resets and grand reset price is 25 resets - Every 1 reset is 1000 points. - Thats why on the grand reset page it says better get max reset first
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    Muonline Skill Drops

    In this guide we gonna present a list of where all the muonline skills drops: Mu online map name: Mu online skill drop: Stadium None Noria Orb of Summoning Healing Orb Orb of Greater Fortitude Orb of Greater Damage Burst Act Haste Act Lorencia Scroll of Meteorite Scroll of Fire Ball...
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    Medals and candy

    It's already fixed :)
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    We succesfully upgraded our zelda muonline to season 17 episode 2! Many new features, new pets, maps, skills and awesome bosses to explore! To play zeldamu again just download the new client! - you can download it from here:
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    New progressive rock band - Vinyl-State - Inspired by Muse

    that's called progressive, the fx on the vox called distortion, you either like it or hate it xD
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    No idea, this never happend before. I can suggest only to redownload the latest client, and or try with a new character. Over 1k players, and nobody has this problem. So I assume something should be wrong on your end.
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    you can try to warp to lorencia, using website.
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    Few questions.

    Brilliant items are based on RUUD, you collect RUUD ingame from bosses and event, then spend ingame (elbeland npc) to buy blood angel items. you can upgrade blood angel items all the way up to brilliant items :)...
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    Mu Helper's item filter is broken

    Did you try with capital lettres? it's casesensitive
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    NO SERVER 1 & 2

    Should be fixed now:)
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    It's fixed now on the latest muonline patch :)
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    why i can't repair item?

    Just relogin and it should work fine :-)