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Mu online game play 2020


Muonline, mu online private server 2020 - the best muonline ever

Improved anti-hack system:
- can use 2 clients now
- can run other main.exe without closing
- improved hack detections

Bug fixes:
- Fixed minor issue on skills give dc, you still dc if hack off course.
- Fixed DoppelGanger event monsters spawn issue
- Fixed Dark Side skill keeps attacking party members while in Mu Helper mode
- Fixed Reset System does not calculate milestones properly in a specific scenario
- Fixed weird random crash InstanceServer

New features:
- Added 11 new sets
- Added 11 new weapons
- Added 2 new shield
- Added new ancient types

- Security fixes
- Minor optimisations
- Siege date @ Saturday 5 December
- Siege castle guild = TheHorde

- Extra GP winter promo is now active :-)

Run launcher.exe to auto-update your client or redownload the new full client from our website


Mu online epic pvp system, mu online pk hit

Mu online gameplay 2021

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