muonline private server 2020,


To make mu online abit more fun we have enabled a very strict muonline antihack system, therefor hard requirements are needed to properly start and play the muonline game.


1. Make sure you have fully patched windows 10 edition

2. Update your videocard drivers and antivirus programs and make sure your drivers are up to date.

3. This antihack don't run on virtual machines and/or unpatched windows versions.

4. A fully patched windows 7 might work once it still fresh installed. If it doesnt work, just upgrade to windows 10.

5. When loading the muonline client, don't switch to other programs/browse or start another client. Wait till your character is ingame.


Trouble starting the game?

1. The antihack can take a couple of minutes to load the first, before it launches the muonline game. Wait for it to start before you do any other stuff.

2. In the client there is a fix called: _install_if_trouble.exe - Run this installer, afterward run windows update again to make sure all is patched to the latest version.

3. Reboot your pc if the game doesn't start. This to make sure all other programs are properly closed.

4. Overtime pc's get poluted with junk program's that slows down your PC, it's recommended to reinstall windows every 1 year.


For some people the antihack wil be too strict, therefor you can select our other servers for better compitableness at


mu online 2020

Muonline server settings

xp: 99.999x

Wcoins: every 1 minutes online will give 34 free wcoins, 2040 a hour, 48.960 wcoins a day.

Wcoins: by grand resets, bosses and events, invite friends and more :)

Specials: complete new custom item system, new weapons/sets/wings compared to our other servers

Bosses: New bosses and positions, good fun to hunt new items.



We wish you good fun and happy hunting!

Posted 14 / 10 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Muonline season 16